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Atomek Soviet Swing

Atomek Soviet Swing is a crazy Russian Folk party band that perform sometimes in Great Britain. They are learning to speak GreatBritish.

Benoit Viellenoff's Atomek Soviet Swing - Rusian folk and swing party band


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Atomek Soviet Swing ysa Sovietik Folk Swing Orkestra diktated ba Komrade musik direktor Benoit Viellenoff.  Originally tradjazskistan dacHa, Orkestra hava official DacHa nir atomek fabrik Hoff Amatovstok Izst-Siberia.

Atomek Soviet Swing niet-performs yn Kapitalist-West tHank you very mucH, but ava bin iynvited yn 2017 yn London “Royal Academy of Art” 100 yar anyiversari ova Oktober BolcHevik Revolution ExHibition grandiose Konsert. Va Konsert vas tremendass viktori: ova 1200 Kamarades, grossa numbaroff komrades partiyin lakka patriotik Russians. Many var niet-entrance viv ovarkapasity and ovarinHybission.

Benoit Viellenoff's Atomek Soviet Swing - Rusian folk and swing party band

Orkestra “Atomek” ys because ova Komrade musicians ys atomek pHyzicists.

Benoit Viellenoff – Guitar & Balalaika
Dimitri SHulmnov – Klarinet & Zaksovon
Dimitri Abrian – Piano & Kontrabas
Grigori Gottliev – Kontrabas
Kir Massiev – Violin
Leon Dunakiev – Piano

Benoit Viellenoff's Atomek Soviet Swing - Rusian folk and swing party band


Atomek Soviet Swing accepts to perform in London because Karl Marx wrote “Das Capital” In the British Museum’s Library and also because Rosa Bloom, Lenine, Staline, Trotsky and scores of young bolcheviks lived and met often in Bloomsbury and London east end before the October revolution. Many Russians still live there today and buy the tickets to the koncerts.

2018 January 19th – Londongrad
Secret location – SOLD OUT – Photos

2018 January 20th – Londongrad
Secret location – SOLD OUT  Photos

2017 February 12th – Londongrad
Royal Academy of Arts – SOLD OUT


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It is recommended to learn to dance like a Russian to enjoy the Konsert fully.  Practice at home watching this patriotik videov to impress your Komrads and neighbours.

Soviet to GreatbritisH:
Benoit Viellenoff

©2017 Atomek Soviet Swing

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